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Single Mirror Gonioscope

Due to its small size, a single mirror gonioscope is very convenient to handle. The mirror angle is 62 degree which when rotated through 360 degree gives a clear view of the anterior chamber angle. Its small contact surface makes it very useful while diagnosing adults as well as children with small palpebral fissure.
Imported/Indian available
2-Mirror Gonioscope

A 2-mirror gonioscope is designed for anterior chamber angle observation. Two opposing mirrors inclined at 62 degree provide a complete 360 degree view of angle with only 90 degree of rotation of the lens. Similar to a single mirror gonioscope, the small contact surface helps in examination of children and adults with small fissures.
Imported/Indian available
3-Mirror Gonioscope

This lens has three mirrors angled at 59 deg, 66 deg and 73 deg and arranged at 120 deg intervals to permit viewing of the fundus and anterior chamber angle. The posterior pole is also observable through the central axis of the lens.
Imported/Indian available
4-Mirror Gonioscope

Four mirrors angled at 62 deg help in viewing all quadrants of the anterior chamber without rotation. The small contact surface of 9 mm diameter makes the lens very convenient to use.
Imported/ Indian available
Iridotomy Lens

This lens consists of a modified Goldmann type fundus lens with a 7.50 mm diameter +70 D plano-convex lens bonded to the anterior surface. The +70 D button lens helps in condensing the laser energy so that the procedure can be carried out at lower power settings. The anodized light metal rim gives a firm grip on the lens.
Imported/Indian available
Capsulotomy Lens

Used for ND-YAG laser posterior capsulotomy and anterior vitreolysis. The +30 D lens condenses the laser energy.
Imported/Indian available
Double Aspheric Lenses

For Indirect Ophthalmoscopy & Slit Lamp use
Imported/Indian available
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