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Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are the centerpiece of the patient care environment at home or facilities such as nursing homes or assisted living. It allows for positioning and safety, which is not possible with standard beds. Different varieties of beds are available for various purposes such as treatment, recovering, rehabilitation, operation etc.
Attendant Bed

• The medical attendant bed is plain, simple bed without any special features of the adjustable hospitals beds.
• The attendant hospital bed is slightly smaller in size than a normal bed.
Adjustable Beds

Adjustable hospital beds can be adjusted in any position as per requirement. These hospital adjustable medical beds are used in hospitals to provide comfort to the patients. Another benefit of the adjustable bed is its inclined position. The adjustable medical beds are specially recommended by doctors not only to be used in hospitals but also at homes for people with back problem
Baby Ward Furniture

The baby ward of a hospital is a very special section in a hospital because here a new born sees the world for the first time. The baby ward has all the baby furniture and equipments keeping in mind the requirements of the new born. The furniture for baby ward should be made very comfortable, simple and easy to manage, maintain and use. The baby ward furniture should be of smooth surface so as to not the hurt the baby accidently.
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